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Fresh Laundry Is Also A 

Dry Cleaning Pick-Up/Drop-Off Location

What You Should Take to the Dry Cleaners:

-Items with a lining

-Items with beading, sequins, and other embellishments

-Suits, particularly wool suits

-Items with complicated designs

-Very soiled or stained items

-Skirts, dresses, and pants with pleating

-Delicate synthetics like rayon

-Fabric blends

-Button down work shirts

Our attendants will add your garments to the system.  We will contact the Dry Cleaner who will come pick up your garments and then bring them back when they are ready.  Our attendants will reach out to you via a phone call or a text to let you know they are ready for you to pick up.

Stain Removal

-When it comes to stains, professional dry cleaners know what they're doing.

-It's one of the most common problems that they encounter and solve. Even the most catastrophic stains can be removed with relative ease with their special solvents, equipment, and training.